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Life Flows From the Brain to the Body and when it flows at 100% the Body is Working and Healing the Way God intended it to work and Heal. When the Spinal Bones and Discs move out of Alignment they Pinch the Life out of the Nerves causing the Body to Break down and Work Less Optimally. This Causes Pain and Poor Health. In our Office we take X-Rays of All of our Patients and Show You Specifically where the bones Are Pinching the Nerves and Create a Specific Plan to Get you Out of Pain and Correct the Spinal Misalignments like Straightening your Teeth. We then take Re-Xrays and Show You your New Looking Spine.

We Help Babies, Pregnant Women, Families, Older, Younger, Athletes and Everything In-between.

We help those that want to get OUT OF PAIN and those that want to Live a Better Quality Life by offering a Complete Program to Correct their Spinal Misalignments.

We have Developed a Specific Program with a Technique that Dr. Jeff Created after 16 Years and over 360,000 and counting Adjustments.

We take Before X-Rays have a very Specific Analysis, We make our Adjustments and then take After X-Rays to Show and Document why You Feel SO MUCH BETTER!

Let us Help You Revolutionize Your Health Naturally Today!



C. Miller

I have experienced neck pain and stiffness for several years. During the initial consultation he recommended a few simple exercises and a course of treatment to correct the issue. After doing the exercises and seeing Dr. Garafolo for less than 2 months I have already seen significant improvement. I look forward to completing the treatment plan and being pain free.