IDD therapy

Disc injuries like herniations, bulges, and degenerative discs occur because the disc pump no longer works. The disc is a water balloon that sits in between the spinal bones.

The disc has no blood supply yet it is living tissue and needs to get nutrients into it and waste out in order to maintain its health and strength.

The mechanism by which the disc accomplishes this is by a pumping mechanism we call the disc pump.

The pump mechanism can fail in the spine and so does the health of the disc and disc injuries follow.

IDD Therapy is an FDA approved unique piece of technology that helps fix the broken pump in the spine helping the disc heal itself.

IDD Therapy is like performing CPR on the disc to help it recover naturally and non-surgically. 

Many studies have been performed by neurosurgeons and orthopedics surgeons showing up to a 90% success rate in healing the disc with a 74% success rate 4 years later!

The sessions last 26 minutes and most people are so relaxed they fall asleep on the table.

IDD Therapy combines true spinal decompression with a patented technology called oscillation which is the only technology on the market to fix the pump.

My name is Dr. Garofalo and I am the clinic director at the Midwest Disc Institute and we have treated many patients successfully with IDD Therapy.

If you have back pain and want to avoid surgery click the link below to see if you are a good candidate for non-surgical IDD Therapy.




Dr Jeff is very professional and knowledgeable. State of the art equipment and treatment plans. He sent me immediately for an MRI when I started having pain and symptoms. Turns out I had severely herniated a disc. I am 4 weeks into Spinal Decompression therapy and 75% of my pain is gone. I am having feeling coming back into my leg that’s been numb. Highly recommend. He’s the best.

Jessica S.

I came to Dr. Jeff with lower back pain and a bladder problem that I could not control. After 3 months my back feels great and my bladder now works great all without surgery or medication.

Katie K.

I was diagnosed with age-related arthritis because I couldn't turn my neck and even had major pain down my arm.
I had a thorough exam at the Midwest Disc Institute with x-rays and was sent for an MRI to which Dr. JEff found several herniated discs. Dr. Jeff started me on IDD Therapy and 3 months later my neck feels great with lots of movement and no pain!

Rick M.



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